News from our Jewels Isle Designers

Ever An’ Angel

New Group Gift

Ever AN' Angel - Dec 15 Group Gift

“The Sheep stay” is a motto of Ever’s that speaks to the fact that no matter how big or busy we get – not to loose out sense of humor or perspective on things.  The sheep are at every event we do, for that reason.

Warm Holiday wishes and smooches.
Ever & Angel & Team

New Rhaenys’ Complete Corner

Rhae's Complete corner outfit - Dec 2015

Includes outfit, boots, make up, and nail polish. Only 200 L$!

Newly Released at Jewels Isle

Several colors available for each!

Oceane Body Designs

New 55 L$ Offer

Oceane - Liquid eyes Swirling Sandstone

Kastle Rock & Mirage

New 60 L$ Offers

Kastle Rock Couture

Mirage by Kastle Rock


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