A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Zuri Jewelry

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 7

Gridwide Hunt

MND7 Poster (for blogs etc)

Wander into the woods, just watch out for those mischievous sprites… Zuri will be one of the talented designers and creators who will offer a wonderful hunt item for only L$ 1 for you to find!

Zuri's Nahla Scepter - MidSummer Night's Dream Hunt

Fit for a queen, with an animation that gets along with your AO while you hold this fantastic scepter.

Click here for starting point and HINTS, or click on the poster at the entrance of Zuri’s Main Store

Would you like a matching set? Oh you know how Zuri likes to pamper us all, so lo and behold:

Nahla Jewelry Set - Amethyst Sapphire Steel

This gorgeous -midsummer- dream of dark amethysts and deep blue sapphires will be available at a special release price 40% OFF!


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