Anniversary celebrations begin at Jewels Isle

Courtyard Sales Celebrating Zuri Jewelry 10 Year Anniversary

Nov 10th – 30th

Each participating shop will be waiting for you with at least one exclusive item 50% SALE

But wait, there’s more!

What’s an anniversary without party, cool music and dancing?


***Noma Falta*** LIVE!!! & DJ Sinister

Noma will take stage at 6 pm, SL time! A powerful, soulful Vocalist and Musician enjoying the company of SecondLifer’s for over 9 years. A high energy artist who loves being involved with the audience during her shows. From solid grooves with bass and tracks to heartfelt unplugged acoustic shows – it is all about the Music and You.

Join us TODAY -November 10th- 6 pm to 10 pm SL time

HERE is your limo to the Secret Garden


Zuri Jewelry

Exclusive AND 50% Sales

10 Year Anniversary Group Gift 🎁


New Zuri Subscriber Gift 🎁


New Jewels Isle Subscriber Gift 🎁


PLUS- FREE for everyone, check on the cart outside ZuriΒ  Jewelry


Elegant Mesh Nails – Appliers included: Omega, Slink & Maitreya
Thank you Meranda!


Poet’s Heart

Poet’s Heart Exclusive AND 50% Sales


Storax Tree

StoraxTree Exclusive AND 50% Sales


MeriVale Designs Exclusive AND 50% Sales


JuMo Fashion

.:JUMO:. Exclusive AND 50% Sales


FlowerDreams Creations

FlowerDreams Exclusive AND 50% Sales

Styles by Danielle

Styles by Danielle Exclusive AND 50% Sales


Nail Me

Nail Me Exclusive AND 50% Sales


Ever An’ Angel

Ever An’ Angel Exclusive AND 50% Sales


Oceane Body Design

Oceane Body Design Exclusive AND 50% Sales

Marianela’s Art in Fashion

Marianela’s Art in Fashion Exclusive AND 50% Sales



Check us out on our Flickr page, our Flickr group, Facebook, Moolto, Marketplace, or just come over and let us tempt you!

βœ½ΪΏΪ°Ϋ£β€”. Hugs from Zuri Rayna and Staff .ΪΏΪ°Ϋ£β€”βœ½


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