No time to walk, run to Zuri Jewelry!

**Group Fee Reduced**

From NOW until Monday (May 29th), Zuri’s Jewels group joining fee is reduced to ONLY L$ 49!

Time to invite all your friends, family, lovers, alts, or anyone else you think would enjoy the benefits of being a member. What are those benefits, you say?


Hurry and come join the group… Tuesday morning, it will go back to regular fee.

The group benefits include:

  • Instant 25% refunds:

Everything at the store that is full price is fair game! If you purchase wearing your group tag, the system will immediately refund you 25% of your purchase. It only doesn’t apply on items that are already on sale or reduced. If you’re not sure, ask our staff.

  • Group Only special sales:

Sometimes new releases have a special price for group members, wearing your tag, and you will receive an instant refund too.

  • Group Only special hunts:

Most of the hunts organized by Zuri are free for group members only, and available to the rest of SL for a prize.

  • Group Gifts!

An exclusive edition of one of Zuri’s latest releases will often end up on the Group Gift table, waiting for you to pick it up.

New Countdown Sales 50% Off

Tic toc, you know, only for a limited time!

Check us out on our Flickr page, our Flickr group, Facebook, Marketplace, or just come over and let us tempt you!

✽ڿڰۣ—. Hugs from Zuri Rayna and Staff .ڿڰۣ—✽


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