Best weekend shopping at Jewels Isle

Zuri Jewelry – New Countdown 50% Off

New Countdown - Serene_Sashi Dangle Ensemble - Blk Diamond_Gold

Can you believe this treat? The whole set, half price, and it’s transferable. Send if as a gift or keep it to yourself, but hurry before the timer runs out.

Now all you need is a killer outfit to show off your new jewelry, and as it happens, Jewels Isle has several wonderful stores that will fulfill your shopping needs. Let’s see some of the weekend offers:

SLC Couture – Weekend sale

._S&B_. Sheer Lace Gown Ariane _8 Colours_PIC

Sensual, elegant, mesh body friendly, and reduced… L$ 99 only!

Kastle Rock Couture – L$ 60 Specials

Mirage by Kastle Rock – L$ 60 Specials


Check us out on Zuri’s Flickr pageFlickr groupFacebookMarketplace, or just come over and let us tempt you.

✽ڿڰۣ—. Hugs from Zuri Rayna and Staff .ڿڰۣ—✽



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