Get lucky at Zuri Jewelry with a pot of gold!

○● Zuri Jewelry GROUP ONLY – Pot of Gold Hunt ●○

Zuri's Pot Of Gold - Poster 3-17-2018

Oh boy, do we have some amazing news for you or what? We are doing an amazing St. Patrick’s day hunt. Here’s all you need to know to be fully prepared and ready to roll.

Not in group yet? This is your chance! REDUCED FEE – L$ 49 only until Sunday midnight!

Tomorrow, Saturday 17th, the sim will close down. For a little while, fairies and leprechauns will get busy hiding more than 50 Pots of Gold all over the sim with Gift Certificates for Zuri Jewelry. There won’t be any pots inside any store besides Zuri Jewelry, but the rest of the sim is game (for example, the gardens, the dance hall, the trees, etc.).

☘️ If you find a pot, “TOUCH” it, and it will poof away. Content will automatically go to inventory.

☘️ Do not lose your pot! You will need to send the box to Zuri when you redeem it. After you open and get contents, SAVE THE BOX.

☘️ No hints… you can use the Luck O’ The Irish to find them.

☘️ BUT… the Luck O’ The Irish does NOT include flying. DO NOT GO ANY HIGHER THAN 60 METERS – YOU WILL BE AUTO-BANNED BY THE SECURITY ORB. Once this happens, we will not be able to help you get back until the end of the hunt, and you will miss out. NO EXCEPTIONS.

☘️ The fairies got naughty with the pots, so some are decoys. However, the leprechauns were feeling generous, so they put little trinkets or jewelry inside the empty pots.

☘️ We recommend doing this hunt sober, but if you’re already nipping at the happy juice, let us in on the fun, so we can have some entertainment 😉

☘️ Share the fun in Zuri’s group chat. Tell us about your happy dance when you find a pot, brag about what color it is (they’re color-coded), and share some drinks. We don’t need to remind you to be civil with everyone… right? If you start whining or picking on Zuri or the staff because you can’t find a pot, or because the pot you found had a boobie prize, or because your BFF took off with the booze, or whatever it is, the fairies will punish you.

☘️ HAVE FUN! Be cool, enjoy the prizes, ask the staff if you have questions…

This is what the pots look like:


You snooze, you lose! Once they’re all taken, hunt is over.

Check us out on Zuri’s Flickr pageFlickr groupFacebookMarketplace, or just come over and let us tempt you.

✽ڿڰۣ—. Hugs from Zuri Rayna and Staff .ڿڰۣ—✽


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