Zuri Jewelry

Zuri Jewelry has the most realistic jewelry in Second Life, with outstanding customer service, since 2007.

Zuri Jewelry Logo

We offer exquisite wedding rings, crowns and tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, fantasy jewelry, couture jewelry, vintage jewels, men’s jewelry, Open Collar scripted jewelry, and much, much more.

The home of Zuri Jewelry is the Jewels Isle Shopping District, where you will also find other top brand talented designers of Second Life, such as Styles by Danielle, Oceane Body Design, Sascha‘s Designs, Marianela‘s Art in Fashion, Mohna Lisa Couture, ZOZ Nail Huds & Shoes, Son!a‘s Fashions, JuMo Fashion & Beauty, Kastle Rock/Mirage Clothing, Blacklace Lingerie, Blacklace Beauty, Ever An‘ Angel, SF Designs, Kaerri’s Mesh Furnishings, Poet’s Heart Designs, FlowerDreams Designs, Designs by MeriVale, Ruxy Designs, and CST Designs.

Come over and let us tempt you!

✽ Zuri Rayna and Staff ✽


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