Get romantic at Jewels Isle

New Raffle GIFT!

Zuri's New Raffle ~ Romantica Collection - Purple Ice_Gold

Remember how it goes? Very easy!

🎁 Be a part of Zuri’s Jewels inworld group
🎁 Add Zuri Jewelry to your Profile Picks
🎁 Click the golden ball by the raffle board

A winner will be randomly selected after the raffle is full… good luck!

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It’s party time at Jewels Isle!

Donny Collazo

November 27th, 2017 Noon SLT

Donny Collazo promo picture 2017

Donny sings with us once again in Second Life. Bringing back to us all our favorite covers of a mixed genre. This smooth voiced performer will bring back the love with his Jazzy selection all the way to tugging on the boots to country. You too will enjoy his versatility and controlled range. Including vitality, flair and great stories from life to his daily humor.

With many years of real life performing experience and a passion with music, this is not just another pretty voice among us. He is also musically talented in playing guitar and piano.

This musical force will continue to grow on our favorites list. Be a part of this dashing musical force. Mixed genre with a never ending song list from Jazz, Big Band, Blues to Country. Looking forward to becoming part of your music family too.

“I continue to find my energy from being able to share my passion of music to others that appreciate all as much as myself’ ~Donny Collazo

Here is your limo

Black Friday full of blings at Zuri Jewelry

Put on your best shopping shoes and grab your limo to Zuri Jewelry NOW. You don’t want to miss these awesome SALES!

Black friday sale


A fine selection from the BEST of Zuri Jewelry, 50% off for everyone… AND if you wear your Zuri’s Jewels group tag during your purchase, you will also receive an extra 10% instant refund… making the price 60% off for group members!

Here’s just a little sample of the gorgeousness…

Elite Collections

Individual colors collections

This is just a sample! There are other colors, models, matching bracelets, earrings, head pieces, and more… Only until Sunday night!

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Get ready for the frost with Zuri Jewelry

The Autumn Frost Fair starts tomorrow!


Designers and creators from all over Second Life come together to present to you a frosty mix of fall and winter. Zuri will participate with a beautiful and frosty new creation…

This version is exclusive… you can only find it at the Autumn Fair.

Here is your carriage to the event.

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Always time for love at Zuri Jewelry

New Release!

Who says Halloween isn’t romantic? If you live in the northern hemisphere, the leaves are changing into a symphony of colors, and the colder weather is perfect for cozy cuddles in front of a fire…

All you need is one of Zuri’s gorgeous engagement rings, and you’re ready to pop the question to the love of your life! Why? Well, Just Because!

Just Because Rings – Platinum/Silver

Just Because Rings – Gold

Or why not have it all?

Just Because Ring – Elite

Zuri Rayna - Just Because Elite RingPIC

Choose between several beautiful colors of gems and metals, to make your special ring as unique as you are.

Some of these already come with an animated proposal box, but if yours doesn’t, don’t hesitate to contact Zuri inworld, and she can provide you one.

These are compatible with all hands and bodies, because they’re not rigged and can be easily relocated and resized, but they’re already located on the Bento ring finger.

Don’t forget that if you wear your Zuri’s Jewels group tag while you buy it, you will receive 25% of your purchase back as instant refund!

While you’re there, follow the pink feet…

New Countdown Sale 50% Off

New Countdown 50% Ariel-Surreal_Umber Opal_Mixed Collection

Only for a limited time!

Meanwhile, at the Shopping District of Jewels Isle…

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Do you love jewelry…?

If you’ve been to Zuri Jewelry, you were most likely greeted and helped around by one of our lovely Live Gems. Have you ever thought of being one of them?

Help wanted 2017

Live Gems are the ones who make your shopping experience at Zuri’s as delightful as the jewelry. They’re the ones who show you all the beautiful jewelry, helping you find that perfect piece for yourself or for that special someone.

💎 Fluent English is necessary. Additional languages not needed, but welcome.

💎 Previous experience in customer service can help, professional modeling not required.

💎 Team work is essential.

If you’re interested, hop on THIS LIMO to Zuri Jewelry Main Store, and grab an application notecard from any panel where you see this same picture, or ask any lovely Live Gem you see at the store.

Good luck!